Veterans and Military Families Call Teams - Newsletter

Dear Georgia Veterans, Military Family Members and Vet Supporters,
With the election coming up in three weeks, attention is being focused on getting out the vote. Early voting begins in Georgia on October 17.  There are Hillary Field Offices throughout the state, including one near you.  All these offices have organized phone banking, often seven days a week, and would welcome you joining their phone banking teams – you can find the addresses and contact info for these offices on our website – If you cannot go to an office to phone bank, we suggest you check with the office in your area as they can most likely give you names of voters in your area to call. The Field Directors understand the importance of getting out the vet vote. Get out the vote calls of the campaign are focused on voters who may lean Democratic, but have not always voted so the call is a reminder of how important it is to vote.
In addition, Jon Murray is organizing vet phone banking on a nationwide scale – see his e-mail below.
You may have read that some voters may be discouraged about voting with so many charges floating in the internet and media worlds. This election is vitally important as it will determine if Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump will be our next President and Commander in Chief.  Please go to our website for background papers which outline why Hillary will be an excellent Commander in Chief, while Donald has significant weaknesses in his very thin resume as regards his interest in national security affairs. Your voice as a vet or vet family member is a very important one, which is why phone banking by you to voters is so critically important.
George Langford, Jon Keen, Jeff Joslin and Vince Farley
Co-Chairs, Georgia Veterans for Hillary

From: Jonathan Murray [
Sent: Tuesday, October 11, 2016 4:21 PM
To: Veterans Outreach
Subject: Veterans and Military Families Call Team


Friends -


For the last year, we've been busy spreading Secretary Clinton's comprehensive and thoughtful plans that will strengthen our national security and keep our commitment to our veterans and their families.  We've sent out videos, shared op-eds, and talked to our friends and neighbors during the primary. 


But now we're down to it. 28 days to go.  Everything that we've been working for comes down to this: Get Out The Vote (GOTV).  And there is absolutely nothing you can do that will help more than talk to voters and remind them to get to the polls.


That's why we're launching the Veterans and Military Families Call Team.  You can make calls right from your house as long as you have an internet connection and a phone.  To find out more, simply sign up here and we'll get you more information as soon as we're ready to launch, which will be within a matter of days. 


In the meantime, rest assured this is not the last time you'll be hearing about this - you should be receiving a follow up call or email from one of our volunteers soon.  Again, we need youOur call team will be competing with others around the country, and we want to make sure voters know that veterans and military families have Hillary's back.  


Thanks so much for everything you're doing, and let's bring this home for Hillary and for our country.


Jon Murray

Veterans and Military Families Outreach Director