Three interesting articles - Newsletter

Dear Georgia Vets and Vet Supporters,

As November 8th approaches, we find we are talking to others more about the election.  You probably are too.  Every wonder what to say?  We want to share some thoughts and ideas to consider when you talk to friends, family members or while canvassing or phone banking for Hillary Clinton.  It helps to know your audience and to be prepared.  
Know your Audience.  Are they friendly toward Clinton?  Hostile?  Mis-trustful or voting to stop Trump?  Try to find out.  If they are hostile, it’s likely a fruitless conversation.  Changing a mind rarely happens.  It’s the other 3 that are important to engage -their vote is important to winning in GA.  Often, just some sociable encouragement along with one or two good reasons to vote for Hillary is enough.  A recent endorsement in the Washington Post (read it here) has a great summary.  Here are some great reasons to vote for Hillary Clinton we’ve found speak to vets:

  • Experience - her life (both successes and learning from missteps) has been a continual series of stepping stones preparing her for the Presidency; as an active First Lady, two term (and popular) NY Senator and as Secretary of State.
  • Her colleagues in the Senate and State Department often describe her as someone who seeks out others, a great listener, willing to consider others’ opinions, highly respected by those she works with and world leaders alike.  
  • She’s determined, extremely hard working, a fighter and highly knowledgeable about every subject she expects to confront. 
  • Compassion and empathy for others describes her well, and is often seen in the private conversations she’s had with many Americans throughout her life.
  • She will fiercely fight for democracy, human rights, job growth and stabilizing the climate.

Does one of these resonate with you?  Something else that is your personal favorite?  Pick one, and find an example or two that mean something to you and may to others as well.
The Anti-Trump Vote.  What about those who are suspicious or worse about Trump?  Two long but highly informative pieces provide an insiders view to Donald Trump, from those who know him best.  
First, Tony Schwartz the “co-author” of Trump's book, “The Art of the Deal” has been interviewed numerous times and recounts more than a year glued to Trump’s side in this New Yorker interview.  Schwartz now says that he created a myth with this book and that he feels deeply remorseful for having done so.  Trump took this myth and used it to launch his presidential campaign.  Schwartz says he wrote the book solely for the money, and it apparently is the biggest regret of his life.  He got to know Trump very well in the 18 months he spent working on the book, and the idea of Trump as President terrifies him.  Read why here.
There is also an interview in Politico Magazine with 4 of Trump’s biographers.  Their insights into Donald Trump explain the odd behaviors we’ve seen and portray grave concerns for what he may do if either elected or loses the election.  They agree that Trump boasts about those things he is most insecure about – his wealth, his intellect, and his sex appeal.  Pointing out that men don’t brag about forcing themselves on women; confirming a personality not fit for the Presidency.  They continue stating (based on their observations) that Trump is likely to be a very dangerous man for the next few weeks as he claims that he is a victim and that the system is “rigged.” They  agree that everything Trump has done and said in this election was totally predictable and that what you’ve seen is the real Trump.  You can read their conversation here.
Read these if you have the time.  We especially recommend that those working in Field Offices read these 3 pieces.  
As you are well aware, this is a highly unusual election.  The stakes are high, emotions are higher, early voting has started, and getting to the polls to vote, both for Hillary Clinton and down ballot, is critical.  That’s why your conversations, help at field offices, making vets phone banks and all of the other work you do as a volunteer is so important.  You have our deep appreciation and thanks.  Your work, like your military service, is a proud and distinguishable effort.


George Langford, Vince Farley, Jeff Joslin, Jon Keen
Co-Chairs, Georgia Veterans for Hillary