Trump on post traumatic stress - Newsletter

Dear Georgia Veterans, Military Family Members and Vet Supporters,
Jon Murray, Hillary Veterans and Military Families Outreach Director, has sent us a message calling attention to Donald Trump’s recent statement suggesting that veterans with Post Traumatic Stress “are not strong.” This insulting statement is part of a pattern where Mr. Trump has repeatedly displayed, in direct language, his lack of respect for our active duty military, military families and veterans. We encourage readers of this message to click the “more proud” link in the message to hear Hillary Clinton’s statements on veterans and to go to our website for more details on Hillary’s proposals to strengthen our national security and her proposals to support veterans and their families.
We suggest you share this message with your fellow vets and family members as election day approaches.
George Langford, Vince Farley, Jon Keen, Jeff Joslin
Co-Chairs, Georgia Veterans for Hillary

From: Jonathan Murray [
Sent: Tuesday, October 04, 2016 2:54 PM
To: Veterans Outreach
Subject: Trump on Post Traumatic Stress




Honestly, I cannot remember an election cycle quite like this one.  In 2008 John McCain wouldn't allow a voter to malign then Senator Obama, telling her that he's a "decent, family man" that he just happens to have policy disagreements with.  In 2012, Mitt Romney basically disqualified himself by saying that 47% of Americans are dependent upon government and pay no income tax.


In 2016, we not only have a candidate whose surrogates have proudly said that Trump is a genius for not paying taxes, he also insulted Senator McCain and Prisoners of War, attacked a Gold Star Family, said our generals have been reduced to rubble, and said he "always wanted to get a purple heart" but it was much easier when a veteran handed him his own.  And now, just when you think he couldn't have gone any lower, he suggests that veterans with Post Traumatic Stress aren't strong.  


And yet Donald Trump is somehow still in this race, supported by a party that I don't even recognize anymore. comes down to us.  We have to stand up and make sure everyone knows where Donald Trump stands on issues that are not only important to veterans and military families, but to any American who recognizes the sacrifices made by this community every day. And it starts by sharing this video on facebook and twitter


If you want to see the reaction from the veterans community, see herehere, and here.  They are scathing, and the exact response that is needed.  Please also share these op-eds far and wide.  And how does Hillary Clinton talk about these issues?  I couldn't be more proud


Finally, tune in tonight at 9pm ET to watch the Vice Presidential debate.  Our very own Senator Tim Kaine will be holding Mike Pence responsible for Donald Trump's reckless comments, policies, and his record as Governor of Indiana. 


35 days to go - let's get out there and knock some doors, make some phone calls, and make sure the country knows that veterans and military families have Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine's back.


Thanks for all you do,


Jon Murray

Veterans and Military Families Outreach Director